History of TRB

Remy M. F. Plante de Villeneuve (Rem Plante) was an ex-naval air force officer. After completing his nautical and aeronautical education he studied Law, Ethnology, and Asian Economics at the Leiden University before graduating as a solicitor and later becoming a Magistrate.

Rem's keen interest in racing was inspired during his distinguished naval career when he frequently visited racetracks throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

The Plante family arrived in Australia in the early 1950's and Rem made an intensive study of Australian racing for more than a decade during which time he was the editor of a popular racing magazine of the day known as The Turf Review.
Rem's philosophy was to teach that which he had learned. His works culminated in the writing of his first hard cover book in 1965 "The Australian Racing Manual."

Following further study Rem wrote a second book "Australian Horse Racing and Punter's Guide" which became the most popular book ever published on Australian horse racing. Second hand copies are still much in demand and bring up to AU$100 each.

In 1969 Rem Plante's son Marcel became involved on a full time basis in the well established Plante and Associates racing business where he learned the art of weight ratings from his father who was the first person in Australia to introduce them publicly.

For more than three decades Marcel provided the race results and handicapper's weight charts (with ratings) in printed form, which became a 'must have' for serious horse racing punters. Many clients subscribed for 30+ years to this service, a tribute to its quality and iconic status.

Marcel also applied his learned skills to successfully do what many thousands of punters have attempted to do since wagering on races began… to consistently make money at the races. Marcel is still a keen punter and racehorse owner.

Over the years, the Plante and Associate's racing business continued to thrive and prosper by providing Australian punters with quality racing information.

In the late 1980's Plane and Associate's embraced the computer age and developed a number of unique computer based products and services to help keep its clients ahead of their competition.

Around 1990, the business name Plante & Associates was changed to become The Rating Bureau, to more suitably reflect the nature of the business.

With continued investment in new technology and software development The Rating Bureau has continues to lead the way in the provision of Australian horse racing information, upholding a proud tradition.